Social Anxiety Treatment

Many individuals tend to experience occasional periods of excessive self consciousness and this is particularly relevant during interviews or while giving a speech. However social anxiety disorder is not just a case of occasional nerves or shyness. In this disorder individuals may be so scared of being embarrassed that they may avoid situations that could possibly trigger it. Social anxiety treatment can allow individuals to deal with this condition.

Individuals suffering from social anxiety disorder have intense fear of some social situations where they feel they are being watched and evaluated by other people. This disorder occurs due to intense fear of being judged, scrutinized or being embarrassed in public. Social anxiety treatment can allow individuals suffering from this condition to confront their fears and overcome them.

While in some cases individuals may have experience anxiety in specific social situations others may experience anxiety in most performance or social situations. When the anxiety adversely affects the normal functioning of individuals or interferes with the normal routine then it should be handled through social anxiety treatment.

The symptoms associated with social anxiety disorder include intense worry for a period of days, weeks or months before the social situation or event, fear of being judged, self consciousness and fear of embarrassment. The physical symptoms of this condition include trembling, shaky voice, pounding heart, dry mouth, upset stomach and rapid breathing. Social anxiety treatment approach may differ as per different persons.

Social anxiety treatment for some individuals may include simple self help strategies while in other cases professional help may be needed. As a part of treatment plan certain lifestyle changes may be required to be implemented. Avoiding caffeine can help in reducing anxiety symptoms since caffeine acts as a stimulant.

Other lifestyle changes that are a part of social anxiety treatment include drinking in moderation as alcohol increases the possibility of an anxiety attack. Smoking can also cause anxiety as can sleep deprivation. Medication may be prescribed in some cases of social anxiety disorder to treat some of the cases but it cannot resolve the underlying causes but can provide relief from the symptoms.

The medications that may be prescribed as a part of social anxiety treatment include beta blockers, antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Beta blockers are primarily use to provide relief from performance anxiety by blocking the adrenaline flow that may occur during anxiety. These beta blockers can adequately control the physical symptoms of anxiety that include shaking hands, sweating and rapid heartbeat.

Antidepressants that are prescribed as a part of social anxiety treatment include Effexor, Zoloft and Paxil and these are particularly used for social phobia. Benzodiazepines are rather fast acting medicines for anxiety. They are usually prescribed when the other medicines do not work that well. Treatment for this condition also includes cognitive behavioural therapy wherein the physical symptoms of this condition can be controlled through relaxation techniques as well as breathing exercises.

Social anxiety treatment also includes challenging unhelpful thoughts that act as triggers of social anxiety and replacing these thoughts with balanced thoughts. The treatment may also involve facing the situations in a gradual or systematic way instead of avoiding them. Role playing may also be implemented as a part of the treatment for this condition.

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