Panic Attack Symptoms

Fry Futurama in a PanicPanic attacks refer to sudden terror like feelings that strike individuals without any warning. These feelings can occur at any point of time and may be experienced even in sleep. The most common panic attack symptoms include feelings that the person is having heart attack or feeling that death is certain. Individuals experiencing panic attacks face terror and fear that is not proportionate to the situation. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common panic attack symptoms:

Panic Attack Symptoms

The panic attack (or anxiety attack) symptoms commonly experienced by individuals include racing heart, feeling dizzy, faint or weak and numbness or tingling in the fingers and hands. Those experiencing panic attack may also feel complete loss of control or may have breathing difficulties. Such individuals feel sweaty or may have chills along with a sense of impending doom.

Other panic attack symptoms include stomach upset, chest pains, perceptual distortions or dreamlike sensations. Feelings of terror are also common and many individuals experiencing panic attack also feel the need to escape. Many patients also fear that they would lose control or do something embarrassing. Skin blotches or blushing may also occur or the skin may lose color. Other symptoms include muscle pain particularly in the shoulders or the neck and urgent need to defecate or urinate.

The symptoms of a panic attack can sometimes be mistaken for those of a heart attack, which can increase anxiety in the sufferer and lead to a more intense panic attack.


In most cases the panic attack symptoms are quite brief and last for around ten minutes though some symptoms may last for a longer time. Individuals who have experienced one panic attack are more likely to having other attacks as compared to those who have never experienced a panic attack. When the frequency of these attacks increases the person is deemed to be suffering from Panic disorder.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is quite common, affecting around 2.4 million individuals in United States. Women are more likely than men to develop this condition. It can be brought on by major life changes, genes and major stressors can result in development of this condition and the associated panic attack symptoms. People who experience panic attacks are also likely to experience depression or indulge in alcohol abuse and even attempt suicide.

Conditions That Display Panic Attack Symptoms

Several other illnesses may also display some panic attack symptoms. These include illnesses like schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder and withdrawal from some form of drug abuse. In these cases patients tend to have repeated attacks without any apparent emotional or physical causes. Panic attacks occurring during sleep are known as nocturnal panic attacks. In these attacks individuals wake up from sleep feeling extremely anxious for no reason and it may be followed by the other symptoms associated with panic attacks

When people experience panic attack symptoms during shopping in crowded stores or while driving or riding elevators they tend to develop phobias or irrational fears related to these situations. These individuals may then begin to avoid these situations. Without treatment panic disorder and the associated symptoms can have a negative impact on the daily life of the individuals.

Treatment and Medication for Panic Attack Symptoms

Genes may play a part in causing panic attacks among certain individuals. Some individuals are also more susceptible to this problem than others. Physical illnesses and stressful factors may also play a role in causing panic attacks. There are a range of treatments, therapies and medications available to provide relief from this condition, the majority of these treatments are to treat the underlying anxiety disorder in order to reduce the instances and/or severity of panic attacks. Panic disorders can be treated with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors along with benzodiazepine medicines. Other medicines from beta blocker family may also be used to provide relief from the physical panic attack symptoms. A natural and effective treatment for panic attacks is The Linden Method. You can gain access to this program today from the comfort of your own home:


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