Merry Christmas from Anxiety Doctor + 5 Second Calm Method

Christmas-anxietyMerry Christmas Everyone!

While Christmas and the festive season should be about spreading joy and love (and presents), many of you will know the anxiety that can go along with this busy time of year. There is a lot of pressure to buy presents your friends and family will like, prepare food, and for those of us with social anxiety, there is a lot of socializing to be done! Unfortunately Christmas Day for many can play into our anxieties and can end up being a very stressful day. So our gift to you today is a technique that will help you feel calm in 5 seconds flat! If you have overcooked the turkey and you’re feeling your heart start to race in anticipation of Grandma’s judgmental comments, take a few seconds to follow this technique which will help you get back to balance and carry on with Christmas Day anxiety free:

Here is our 5 second Christmas Calm technique (but don’t restrict it to just holiday-time use, you can use it any time of the year to overcome anxiety):

Step 1: Take a deep breath in.

Step 2: While holding your breath, tense every muscle in your body.

Step 3: Hold it all in and try to visualize everything that is making you anxious.

Step 4: Breathe out and release all your muscles simultaneously while visualizing all your anxieties being blown away by the power of your breath.

Step 5: Now you should be feeling a lot more relaxed. Repeat these steps if necessary.

We hope this technique helps you to reduce your Christmas anxiety. Feel free to comment on this post with any quick calm techniques you use.

Happy Holidays from the Anxiety Doctor Team!

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