Herbs for Anxiety

Anti anxiety medication cannot treat the underlying causes of anxiety and can be addictive. For this reason more and more individuals are now opting to try out herbs for anxiety. Here are several herbs that can be useful for treating anxiety:

Since anxiety is characterized by continuous fear, nervousness, panic and sadness these feelings can adversely affect the normal functioning of individuals. Herbs for anxiety can allow individuals to identify and deal with the underlying causes of anxiety and also help them get relief from the symptoms associated with anxiety.

Herbs for anxiety can be effective as these contain natural composition of different compounds. This affects the internal system in the brain. These are effective because the ingredients in conventional medicine are also extracted from certain plants and other natural resources. Certain herbs like Kava are prepared from roots of this plant and traditionally this herb was believed to result in uplifting of one’s spirit.

Kava is extremely fast acting and is effective in reducing stress as well as anxiety level in a week’s time from its intake. This herb for anxiety is extremely effective among women who experience depression following menopause. This is also among the safest herbs for anxiety and does not cause addiction.

Among the different herbs for anxiety ginseng is another popular herb and it helps in reducing stress, enhancing health and has a relaxing effect. Ginseng is also effective in maintaining emotional balance among individuals. Ginseng also helps in reducing tiredness and helps people become more active. Valerian’s root is also an effective anti anxiety herb and is also a known tranquilizer. This herb also helps in reducing tremors, agitation and disturbances.

Among the other herbs for anxiety catnip which belongs to the mint family is also a proven anti anxiety medication. This herb is known for its sedative effect and is used as it relaxes the muscles and reduces migraine pain. Bugleweed is another herb that is useful in treating anxiety as it soothes the nerves. California poppy is an extremely strong tranquilizer and chamomile is also excellent in getting relief from upset stomach which is often experienced in anxiety. Gastrointestinal upsets experienced in anxiety can be relieved through fennel while feverfew helps in calming the nerves and also relieves migraines.

Hops are also one of the herbs for anxiety that provides a great deal of relief from this condition by encouraging sleep. The headaches that are experienced in anxiety can be reduced through meadowsweet and mullein can also help in reducing anxiety. Motherwort is particularly effective in reducing anxiety that is related with blood pressure problems.

Passion flower and oats are also popular herbs for anxiety. Passion flower is an effective sedative that helps in alleviating insomnia and oats helps in relaxation of the nervous system. In many cases of anxiety depression is also experienced and so this depression can be treated with St. John’s Wort which is a rather popular herb.

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