Anxiety Headache

Anxiety is a problematic condition that tends to affect a large number of individuals. This condition is marked by extreme uneasiness, fear as well as worrying for no particular reason. Individuals suffering from anxiety tend to experience certain physical symptoms and these include anxiety headache, palpitations, sweating, upset stomach and dizziness among others.

In many cases headache is a symptom of anxiety and stress and in these stressful times anxiety headache is commonly experienced by many people. Anxiety related to any event, situation or even without reason can result in headache. In many cases of anxiety individuals experience chronic headache.

Anxiety may result in increase in adrenalin which is the stress chemical and this can cause anxiety headache. Anxiety also causes reduction in endorphin within the brain and this chemical helps people feel relaxed. Anxiety also causes increase in muscle tension and gives rise to blood pressure, hypertension, increased heart rate and breathing problems. All these can cause chronic anxiety headaches among individuals.

Symptoms of anxiety headache among individuals include muscle tension, sleeping disorders, lack of concentration and acute tiredness. Anxiety headaches can be treated by techniques that can help in reducing the severity of headache or by making improvements in the quality of life through certain lifestyle changes. Stress management techniques can go a long way in dealing with the headache.

Individuals experiencing anxiety headache should eat food in small amounts regularly. Likewise the factors triggering headache should also be identified so that they can be avoided. Exercise is extremely important in dealing with headaches in anxiety. In fact exercise can help individuals get relief from the symptoms of anxiety as moderate exercise results in release of endorphins and thereby generates positive feelings among people.

Rest and adequate sleep are equally crucial in dealing with an anxiety headache. While sleeping it is advisable to do so in a room that is dark and quiet. Certain simple relaxing techniques can help in getting relief from the anxiety and the resultant headaches. Massaging the scalp as well as the neck with the finger tips can help in getting relief from the tension in the neck.

A shower or hot bath can allow the muscles to relax and thereby provide relaxation to the mind. Using certain oils like lavender oil in the bath can also help in relaxing as it has a calming effect. Incorporating important items in the diet such as magnesium and calcium can help in getting relief from stressful situations. Visualization relaxation as well as meditation can also help in ensuring that the anxiety headache reduces. Focusing on the breathing, practicing yoga can also help in getting relief from this problem.

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