Anxiety Attack Symptoms

The physical anxiety attack symptoms are the product of the fight or flight activity of the body. In many cases these physical symptoms may be misunderstood for some medical illness or disorder. The common physical symptoms associated with anxiety attacks include pounding heart, sweating along with dizziness and upset stomach. Shortness of breath along with diarrhea or frequent urination may also be experienced.

Those suffering from anxiety attacks also tend to experience other physical symptoms like increased tension in muscles, headaches, insomnia, fatigue along with tremors and twitches. These anxiety attack symptoms may be triggered by the occurrence of some events where individuals feel that they are losing control. The physical anxiety attack symptoms are often so frightening that people might believe that they are getting a heart attack.

The anxiety attack symptoms may include increasing or overwhelming panic, feeling that you are losing control, chest pain or heart palpitations, trembling, hot flashes and hyperventilation. Other people may find it difficult to breathe during a panic attack or may get stomach cramps and feel detached.

The anxiety attack symptoms may include intense periods wherein individuals may feel doomed or extremely fearful and these periods may develop over short times frames. Many individuals tend to experience shortness of breath, fear of dying, numbness, sweating in a short time frame of around 10 minutes and it can last for around half hour.

The anxiety symptoms may be dependent on whether the individual is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder or phobic disorder. In the case of generalized anxiety disorder the individual may fell restless, have problems in concentrating, may suffer from insomnia and irritability along with muscle tension. In phobic disorders individuals may persistently fear some objects or have some fears while stress disorder may result in restlessness, problems in concentrating and hyper vigilance triggered by occurrence of some traumatic event.

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