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Merry Christmas from Anxiety Doctor + 5 Second Calm Method

Christmas-anxietyMerry Christmas Everyone!

While Christmas and the festive season should be about spreading joy and love (and presents), many of you will know the anxiety that can go along with this busy time of year. There is a lot of pressure to buy presents your friends and family will like, prepare food, and for those of us with social anxiety, there is a lot of socializing to be done! Unfortunately Christmas Day for many can play into our anxieties and can end up being a very stressful day. So our gift to you today is a technique that will help you feel calm in 5 seconds flat! If you have overcooked the turkey and you’re feeling your heart start to race in anticipation of Grandma’s judgmental comments, take a few seconds to follow this technique which will help you get back to balance and carry on with Christmas Day anxiety free:

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Anxiety: A Distorted Reality?

Gary began working with me shortly after his wife, Jill, asked for a divorce, seemingly without warning. Gary and Jill had married six years earlier and from Gary’s perspective everything was going great. Then Gary began from an unknown illness. Jill became detached and before he knew it, she was gone.

Gary was distraught. He wanted Jill back. He loved her. It became clear that Jill had not been upfront with him, she had been hiding something for their entire marriage. He began to discover that Jill was only interested in money. She had pursued him and married him just for money. His heart was broken and his ego bruised.

It took a while, but after a few months, Gary seemed to be getting better. He had stopped dwelling on thoughts of Jill and had even been on a few dates, but then an email from Jill sent him into another downward spiral. The email was warmer and more friendly than she had sent in the past. This caused Gary to sink into a pit of anxiety and depression.

“I’ve not been sleeping because of the anxiety. I just toss and turn all night. When I do fall asleep I wake up with my heart racing, in a cold sweat” Gary told me. I believed him – he looked like hell!

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Stress or Anxiety?

Anxiety-StressAnxiety has become commonplace in our modern, fast-paced society. For some individuals, it presents itself much more intensely than for others. Signs and symptoms of an anxiety disorder are more intense, long-lasting and disruptive to the lifestyle than the typical stress experienced by almost everyone and should not be ignored. Everyone will experience some anxiety at some point in their lives, but persistent periods of extreme anxiety are definitely not regular.

The anxiety response itself is natural and can be useful. It can act as a signal to the body that something is not right; that we may be in a dangerous or life-threatening situation. The problems with an anxiety disorder is that the symptoms associated with anxiety are experienced long after the dangerous situation has passed, or even if no danger exists at all. This can be exceptionally debilitating and can impact on your ability to live a normal life. Some of these anxiety symptoms include: an increased heart rate, sweating and rapid breathing:

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8 Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is often thought to be a purely mental disorder – a condition where worrying thoughts occupy the mind – but there are a number of physical symptoms associated with anxiety too. Anxiety is caused by our flight or fight response, whereby our body responds to a perceived threat by preparing itself to react to the danger. Unfortunately, people suffering an anxiety disorder experience this response even when no real danger or threat exists. In this case the physical response is redundant and the sufferer is left with physical symptoms that can be very uncomfortable and distressing. The following is a list of common physical symptoms associated with anxiety. If you are suffering from these symptoms you could have an anxiety disorder:

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Passionflower for Anxiety

The passionflower herb (Passiflora incarnata) has been used as a natural anxiety treatment for many years:

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6 Common Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety

There are 6 very common symptoms of Generalized Anxiety. If you have had some or all of these symptoms the majority of days for the past 6 months it is very likely that you are suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), you should see a Doctor:

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